Back to School, Are you Ready?

Often times I see parents bring their children into my office for their first exam, before they start First Grade, thinking 'I want to get a general check up to make sure nothing is wrong.' This is a great first step. But what we sometimes find is that the child does have an eye issue and the parents never knew. Whether the child's vision is not in focus or there is something going on inside the eye that the child is not able to communicate to their parents.

As adults, we have learned what it means to have clear vision and we can differential when it is out of focus. Especially if we have clear vision our entire life and then we begin to need reading glasses as we age. We are able to communicate that change in vision to our friends who then suggest a diagnosis which encourages us to buy reading glasses from the local drug store or go and see an Eye Doctor.

Children are more likely to compensate for their lack of vision and not tell their parents, "I don't see well I think I need to go see a doctor."

Signs to look out for

  • Your Child not wanting to play with other kids
  • Youe Child not wanting to play with certain toys
  • Your Child turns his/her head to look at something, as if to want to only look out of one eye
  • Your Child wants to always sit really close to the TV (this is not always a sign, but it could be)
  • Buy 1 pair of Glasses (Frame and Lenses) and Get 1 pair of Glasses (Frame and Lenses) FREE!*

    Let's make sure that your child starts off the school year right! Ensuring that your Child's eyes are healthy and seeing well will give your child the confidence they need to do well in school. A new prescription can also help!

    Dr. Zdenek is demonstrating that a 5 year old's eye, with Accomodative Esotropia, is able to appear straight.


    Does your child already wear glasses?

    It is common that their prescription can change which means it may be a little out of focus. If this 'out of focus' happens over time, your child may not even be aware of their vision's clarity, or lack there of.

    New lenses can also help with clarity. We all know kids are rough on their glasses. Which also means they are rough on their lenses. If they are looking out through scratched or foggy lenses then their vision's clarity has decreased.

    Do you know how your child is seeing at the park?

    An Eye Exam with me will reveal how well your child is seeing and if any corrective lenses are necessary.

    * BOGO is for school age children (6 years - 18 years) Including College Students with valid student ID. Glasses is defined as Frame and Lenses. Free pair will be applied to a second Frame and Lens purchase of equal or lesser value. Both pairs must be purchased the same day, same patient. Promotion ends on 9/30/2018. No Cash Value. See our office for more details.