What are our patients saying?

At Zdenek Eye Institute our success is measured by our patients satisfaction. Dr. Zdenek takes great pride in offering the best technology available and constantly learning and growing himself.

Dr. Zdenek believes in educating you about your eyes and whatever else happens to come to conversation in the exam. Dr. Zdenek cares about you and he incorporates the entire body into his exam and takes into consideration other health issues you may be having. It is not uncommon for his patients to ask questions and get informed about any other health issues they may be experiencing

Ryan, LASIK November 2014

"Before the surgery my vision was Really bad and I was unable to do any daily activities couse I could not see without my contacts. But now, after the surgery, I wake up and don't need to put my contacts in and I am able to see perfectly. LASIK was completely worth it!"






Magen, LASIK November 2014

"I have always had a problem with my eyes, my vision was terrible. I was constantly squinting even with glasses or contacts. LASIK changed everything! The surgery was really quick and I was blown away with how fast my recovery was. I was able to see better than I did with my contacts just a couple of hours after the procedure. I am so Happy with the results. Thanks to Dr. Zdenek, I CAN SEE NOW!"