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Dr. Zdenek has been practicing in Reseda since 1981! Taking care of his patient's eyes has been his priority for over 30 years. He has been helping generations with their eye care needs. Care, Comfort & Concern!

Dr. Z does everything from general eye exams to surgery. whether you need glasses or contacts to see clearly or decide to get rid of those and have LASIK or Cataract Surgery then Dr. Z is your surgeon. If you have red eyes, irritated from an injury or from the weather, Dr. Z has the experience to solve your problem and get you back to feeling your best. No more tired eyes!

Dr. Z is an expert in Dry Eyes. Helping his patients to get rid of the tired, watery eyes has become his forte. If you are wearing contacts and you feel like ripping them out at the end of the day or the Santa Ana winds are blowing wild, irritated eyes can be a thing of the past after an eye exam with Dr. Z.

Eye Care For Heroes Program


Dr. Zdenek is offering to all US Military, Active or Veteran a Free Eye Exam. Are you still in the US Military or a Veteran? Do you know if your eyes are healthy? Dr. Zdenek would like to say "Thank You for your Service to our Country" by offering his services to you.

Let his knowledge and expertise give you some answers. With all the political turmoil in the VA, we have heard it takes 3-6 months to get an appointment with the VA. Dr. Zdenek can see you for free within just a few days. For more information, call our office or visit www.EyeCareForHeroes.com

Services We Offer


Dr. Zdenek offers a wide range of services including eye exams, surgery consultations, surgery and medical-legal expert witness.

Since many eye diseases go undetected by the patient, it is important to have your eyes checked by an Ophthalmologist to reduce the potential vision loss from eye diseases.

Besides the unknown, Dr. Zdenek can also help with any discomfort related to your eyes. Dry eye is a common problem felt by most people which goes untreated and the uncomfortableness continues. Don't fall into this pattern and see Dr. Zdenek for relief.

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