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There is never a stupid question, but just in case you didn’t want to ask the question we have listed a few commonly asked questions. If you have a question that you don’t find answered here, please feel free to visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and submit your question.


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Although a common misconception, the “Puff” of air is a screening tool used primarily by Optometrists. As a Medical Doctor, Eye Physician and Surgeon, one of the diagnosis tools for Glaucoma that I use is the Goldmann Applanation Tonometry. This method allows me to measure, accurately, the pressure inside your eye. So no PUFF of AIR!

As I mentioned earlier, this is only one of the methods that I use (applanation tonometry), I also test for optic nerve damage, using the visual field test to Check for areas of vision loss, using pachymetry to measure corneal thickness and I also use gonioscopy to inspect the drainage angle.

All these tests give me information which allows me to make an accurate diagnosis. I also have a ‘life’ conversation with my patients to help determine the best treatment plan. There is NEVER a one size fits all treatment plan.


There can be several different components to your exam; A medical component which checks the health of your eye and Medicare and PPOs cover this part of the exam.

There is a vision component which may cover checking for glasses and/or a contact lens fitting and evaluation. If you have a seperate vision insurance, your vision insurance may cover this portion of your exam. A separate glasses exam and contact lens exam is needed if you want/need to wear glasses or contact lenses.


It is extremely rare that Medical or vision insurance covers LASIK. For most people, LASIK is a choice the patient makes in order to ‘get rid’ of their glasses and/or contacts. Therefore, the insurance classifies LASIK as a cosmetic procedure and not medically necessary


Your contact lens prescription is good for 1 year. If your prescription has already expired (your exam was greater than a year ago) then you will need to have your annual contact lens exam. If you have a valid prescription (your exam was within the past year) then you can either order your contacts by contacting Zasha and ordering online or placing an order with her. You can always email her at or call the office 818-708-2222.

If you have already spoken to Zasha about ordering online then you are able to place an order online by clicking the ‘Contact Lenses Order Online’ icon on the right side of this page. If you need help with your username &/or password, contact Zasha at

If you recently had your contact lens exam with Dr. Zdenek and are trying a new lens or a new prescription, you will be working with Dr. Zdenek and Zasha to finalize your prescription prior to placing an order


Whether or not you need a prescription to see clearly, a prescription is needed to wear color contact lenses. A contact lens is a medical device worn on the surface of your eye and a proper fitting will reduce the risk of corneal abrasions which can lead to corneal scarring which can lead to loss of vision. Poorly fitted contact lens can also contribute to dry irritated eyes, watery eyes, and even tired eyes.

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